Sarah Smith RDMP & Systemic Practitioner Psychotherapy services in Bristol and the South West Specialising in Eating Disorders, Body Image, and Family work
Sarah Smith RDMP & Systemic PractitionerPsychotherapy services in Bristol and the South West Specialising in Eating Disorders, Body Image, and Family work


"You have been a key element to my support system in my first term at uni, and have been hugely understanding and flexible. You have massively helped me take major steps in my recovery. I am at a point I was completely convinced I would never be able to reach when I first contacted you and my whole mindset has dramatically shifted. I hope that this will positively continue, but would like to thank you for laying such strong and supportive foundations for me to take these steps"


"You have always been a warm, engaged and wholesome support, and time spent absorbing your calm energy provided a safe space for me to explore my psychological and physiological wellbeing" (HN). 





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Sarah Smith DMP